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career in uk

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Thinking of moving from Ireland to the U.K. My wife and I are both in psychiatry, pre and post membership respectively. One of the main reasons we're thinking of the move is that we've heard that there are more flexi-time and part time posts available and this would allow us more time with our 6 month old daughter.

Is this true? we'd really love to hear from somebody re the availability of these posts; the suitability of these posts for somebody doing part 2 (i.e. frequency of call etc), and the availabilty of spr posts (esp old age psych).

tnx in advance.

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I am not sure whether the posts would be any better but one would expect that no of posts would be more just bcause more no of hospitals hence more workfoce required.

The Royal College does not insist that you do On Call in all the training posts as long as you have done a minimum no (check with them the exact no), secondly even if it needs to be done then one need not do more than twice in a month (1:15) earning you a pay band of F (B) on top of your basic salary. It would surely make sense for your wife to avail this facility to be with your daughter and its perfectly valid reason to get in to flexible training.

If you have already not started to look around for information on this then I would suggest that you go on to Royal College website and download the info on flexible training. If its difficult to get in to flexible training in Ireland then yes you could look for it in England.

Since you both would need to relocate it would be helpful to think if your wife has completed 3 years of training then she could get to work less hours by working as a staff grade in Ireland itself, which means no On Calls (unless she wants to do for better salary) and working hours can be negotiated as many trusts want staff grades who would be able to work even part time.

Possibly College would have lists of Deaneries who have provisions for Flexible training. Usually its the Associate Dean of the deanery who has responsibility for running the program. Recently the funding available for the flexible trainees (salaries) has been increased by the Govt in order to encourage people to continue to work. This is important since major chunk of the salary comes form the Deanery and not the trusts, who due to their budgetery constraints try to keep the no of flexible trainees to the minimum.

Hope this is helpful....

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