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Applying for SpR-Right Decisions

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Hi following up on a disucssion from another thread,I was wondering

1.Is it time to move on from SHO oncalls?

2.How should one decided reg area of interest

3.Interim staff grade?

4.financial implications-pay cut?

5.Pros and Cons of moving to diffrent area for SpR training?

enough to ponder over ;)

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i think the time has come to move on from doing sho on calls--especially when one has attempted part 2 exams.come guys, the same whole stuff--remember we were supposed to b acting like safe spr's when we gave the pmp's and the long case and now to go back and ask everyone [i mean the seniors for advice!!!]doesnt make sense to me,.

as regards areas of interest--think of how the situation is in about 10 yrs time in the speciality that u love.

if ur choice is adult,think about the personality disorders laughing their way on the way to the inpatient unit.

if ld/child--things r changing.the ld inpatient hosps r closing down for more community work.this applies to child as well- as both services will b handled with the social services!!!

forensic--seems very good on paper!!havent done forensic job as yet so cant decide

oldage--these pd's will grow up into old age pd's!!!so u might see the same middle aged man in the old age ward about 25 yrs from now!!shame but true!

rehab and assertive outreach---real patients but can b frustrating with treatment resistance etc.

as u can c am muddled up as well ;)

dont woory about the pay cuts---u can always do locums!!!!!!

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pay cut when moving to SpR is very very significant for some (eg for me from 2A to 1B = 40%) the rise in basic pay is only a couple of hundred so the drop in pay from the banding supplement makes a huge difference overall about 20%cut in total salary!!!! :(

advantages of staying in same area for SpR training - don't have to move, keep in contact with friends, know local policies/procedures/units/staff

disadvantages of staying in same area for SpR training - nursing staff know you and expect you to continue doing your old SHO jobs (eg its just a physical it'll only take you five minutes while you're here and it'll take the SHO ages to get here....etc), having to move or commute, not knowing anything about the units you are moving to, not knowing which jobs are good/bad

as for speciality - pick what you enjoy, or you may end up wanting to change fairly soon.

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In my first job as SpR for last 5 months and no regrets over decision to move on from SHO-dom. The SpR life is fabulous with time to develop special interest, do research and develop skills in management and leadership. I moved area partly to get away from continuing to be treated as an SHo and partly to experience services (and life) in another part of the country- definitely worht it as you quickly come to believe the way things are done locally is the only way. When deciding where, weigh up your priorities eg lifestyle of area vs clinical opportunities. For me, the sOuthwest had the best of both worlds with teh outdoor lifestyle and developing academia with the new med school but its not for everyone.

With respect to pay cuts - it can hurt and one way to help may be to do an interim staff grade and then use this as your base salary to justify starting on a higher base salary as an SpR (doesn't always work with some trusts arguing but I think they are on dodgy ground).

Specialty-wise, be careful deciding to enter specialites you don't have a lot of experience in eg forensic as they may not be what they seem. Future is uncertain in many specialities so is difficult decisionTthe broadest specialty(if you want to not burn too many bridges) remains general adult, esp with the many subspeciality teams arising now.

Talk to as many people as you can. If you are a half decent candidate you can pick and choose due to the recruitment crisis so don't rush into anything. And enjoy not having to do another bloody exam again!

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great ideas guys

i have settled..

same area..

child speciality


and not still first oncall..so oncalls from home ..!

hurray fun!!


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