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SpR interviews

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Hi folks ,

I am gearing up for a round of SpR interviews this June . I would appreciate it if some nice people would care to share their interview experiences with me eg: what was asked , how long was it , how many people were there ?

thanks and looking forward to reading about your experiences :)

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for my interview there were 9 people interviewing and it took about an hour.

there were lots of questions like -

how do you manage your time

how do you deal with stress

have you ever failed at anything in your life

what makes a good teacher

how do you achieve a work life balance

how would you deal with problems in the MDT

as well as the usual what made you apply?/ what qualities can you bring to MDT? type questions

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I had about 5 people(!!) on the interview panel.I have been told that there are usually between 6-8 panel members, and the interview lasts for approx 45-60 minutes.Mine was for 35mins.

1.Started with going through the CV.

2.Previous experience, how my experience is relevant for the SpR job.

3.How my SHO/Staff grade job will be different from SpR job.

4.Why this particular specialty and why this rotation.

5.Experience of working with MDT, any difficulties of working with MDT and how would i resolve any conflicts within the team.

6.Research/Audit experience, might ask a bit about what you did but not in detail.

7.Teaching experience, any thoughts about how we should teach medical students to attract them to Psychiatry, in my case Child Psychiatry.

8.As mine was Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, they asked about Victoria Climbie report, Comprehensive CHAMS, Green paper etc and depending on the specialty  you are choosing they may ask some relevant questions.

9.Strong points/ weakness in you.

10.What would you hope to achieve as an SpR.

11.How do you see yourself in the first 5 years as a Consultant.

Generally they were a friendly bunch and I found waiting outside was more nerve-wrecking than the interview itself.They generally ask the same questions to the candidates and if you are not the first one the other candidates might tell you what they asked and if there were any bouncers.

Best of luck. ;)

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governor and johniespring,

thanks for your great posts and loads of help . I agree that waiting outside might be worse than the interview itself .

I was saying to my consultant that this is like exams all over again . He added yes but now there is no syllabus ! how right he is .

thanks guys :lol:

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They are apparently also fond of asking about clinical governance, National Service Framework and nice Guidelines.

A lot of SpRs I have spoken to did mock interviews with college tutors and SpRs.

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I have already posted this elsewhere, but as we don't have a question bank yet, I thought I had better post it here too.

I had my SpR interview on 30/07/04 in Bangor, North Wales. I didn't get the job. I'm not too disappointed, there were 4 of us (the 5th dropped out) competing for two jobs, one was a substantive General Adult SpR post, the other was a LAT.

there were 7 people on the panel, it was friendly and fairly informal, however it made no difference as my nerves were pretty much shot too bits anyway.

The 1st asked me about my CV, he was particularly interested in my pre-psychiatry experience (I had been an A&E SHO, medical SHO and finally done some radiology before moving into psychiatry). Interestingly this was also discussed at length and somewhat negatively in my Psych SHO interview.

The 2nd guy asked me about my opinion on NICE guidelines, what did I think about the NICE guidelines for ECT, what sort of biochemical monitoring did people on atypical antipsychotics need, and difficulties I had with regard to capacity in people with psychosis (this freaked me out slightly as i wasn't entirely sure what he was on about and ended up waffling about people with dementia!)

the 3rd asked me about my audit and research experience, what plans I had for research, how I felt about teaching and what makes a good teacher.

the 4th interviewer (Who was the representitive of management/personnel) asked me if i knew what the components of clinical governance were, I could only remember 3, and what i thought about EWTD.

the 5th seemed worried about the fact that I lived 63 miles away from Bangor, her only question was would i be prepared to work in bangor if i had a post there.

The 6th interviewer was the chairperson of the panel, her only question was did I have any questions.

the whole thing lasted about 40 minutes.

I now have a lot of preparation to do as i have also applied the Merseyside SpR rotation!

Anybody know about SpR interview courses? ;)

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Sorry you didn't get the job. I went to an interview skills course in the Hammersmith Hospital a week ago. This was for all medical specialities but was still very useful. They covered various ' hot topics ' incl clinical governance, recent NHS changes etc and general interview technique. I have seen a few others advertised as well on the internet. Would be nice to have one specifically for Psychiatry ... well if I have time as an SpR maybe

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I recently attended my first SpR interview - for an Academic Registrar post in General Adult Psychiatry.

The interview was much shorter than I'd expected - lasting around 20-25 mins. This was possibly because of the fact that it was a Friday afternoon and it was also a blisteringly hot day.

There were 8 people on the panel. They all asked a question.

I was asked:

When I obtained the MRCPsych and what SHO jobs I had done in Psychiatry. This seemed odd as they all had a copy of my CV in front of them.

About the research projects I'd completed and my future research plans.

About my role in one of my published papers.

Whether I was interested in dual accreditation (there were three old age psychiatrists on the panel).

My thoughts on the value of research.

Recent NICE guidelines on DSH.

What I could contribute to teaching within the department.

How to improve effectiveness of teaching.

My thoughts on the usefulness of assertive outreach and early intervention services (my current job was in assertive outreach).

My experiences of working within an MDT and how I would deal with conflicts between team members.

Overall, I thought that I had performed pretty well. I received a phone call three hours later offering me the job!

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