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Does it matter if you change rotations

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Hi guys,

I very very confused and would appreciate some help.

I am currently in leeds rotation and am planning to shfit to London for personal reasons.. Almost all the people I have consulted (3 in total) have advised me against it... sayin that it aould affect my career later and I might struggle for an SpR post.

Is it true that if u stick to one rotation the chances of SpR post is better in that area....

Am very confused ??? ???

Please advise


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It depends on how early you are into your career

the factors for staying in one rotation is

(eventhough we talk about equal opportunity etc)

1 Familiarity

2 you will be able to get detailed info on the job itself

3 definitely (even though may not be politically correct) some amout of bias works in your favour if you are a good enough SHO(the case gets reversed if u have had difficulties!!!!!)


general feelin of good academic experience(not sure how far realistically true)

you need to compete for your post with lots of colleagues due to the shear size of the deanery and number of trainees

but still Psychiatry is not as diffcult as other specialities (i hope) for ppl to choose whr they want to go with exception of london

good luck!!!

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I was in a similar position to you, moved rotations from Glasgow to Lancashire recently. Noone mentioned it would look bad, but really what does it matter if the reasons you are moving are personal-whats the most important thing for you at the end of the day. It is only a job!

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