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Work Permits

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Guys does anyone know how long it takes to sort out a work permit?

I work in Bristol and I'm on permit free visa which expires 31/01/05. I've been offered several staff garde posts locally but as I want to do addiction, I had to get a job in London. My trust here said that I can start working while they apply for work permit and it take 'a bit longer than a week'. I just called the London Trurst and asked how long they think the process will take and they said: around 12 weeks! Donno what to do now. If this is the case, then I would have to leave the country by 31.01 and wait for work permit (if I get it!!!)

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you don't have to leave leave the country whilst your work permit is being processed. make sure your staff grade post is training approved.that might make sure that sitting exams are easier

nothing much to worry i would say about your visa being processed.if your trust is ok with you working till you get the visa,go ahead,you may not be able to travel at that time when your visa is being processed.

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Thanks Paranth! That's reassuring! I've already contacted the Royal College regarding the staff garde post and here's the reply I got this morning

Thank you for your e-mail.  The Regulations state that trainees

entering for

their third or subsequent attempt are required to re-enter approved

psychiatric training, which is supported by an appropriate academic


or programme of education and clinical instruction approved by the

applicant's College Tutor, between the second and third and each


attempt at the Examination.

Staff Grade posts are accepted on an individual basis at the discretion


the Examinations Sub-Dean, Dr Anne Bird. For approval purposes, we ask


you submit a full job description and a weekly timetable to the


Department, which will be passed to Dr Bird for her assessment of the



Please note that if you apply for the Spring 2005 MRCPsych Part II

Examination and are subsequently found ineligible you would receive a



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hey hani,

check out this site - www.workingintheuk.gov.uk and in that they are giving a rough period of 1 week to process work permit visa if all documents required are enclosed.

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hey fellas,

you both have given me more info than what i knew.it shall be helpful for someone i know,good luck and happy new year.

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