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London SpR Interview Qs

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June 2004 North

1)      Summarise your application form

2)      Discuss how you would deal with a crisis situation on the ward (I mentioned suicide on the ward and talked about Clinical Risk Management)

3)      Discuss latest developments in psychopharmacology (Give more than one example, they are likely to ask you to elaborate)

4)      How would you resolve disagreement between nurses and psychiatrist about management of a patient (This is about when MDT, why cooperation is required and what to do when it goes wrong)

5)      Your experience in teaching and best way to teach (Also how you can improve yourself as a teacher, what mistake you made as a teacher and what it taught you)

6)      Tell us about clinical governance and clinical risk management (must know this by heart)

7)      If you had a pot of money from government what would you do with it (I talked about research and strategies for reducing stigma)

8)      How would you develop service for Personality Disorders (Need to know how to develop any service and tailor it to question)

October 2004 North

1)      Discuss recent controversies in old age psychopharmacology (This was about olanzapine/risperidone and CVA. Need to be aware of CSM guidelines)

2)      How would you develop old age liaison service

3)      How would you treat a case differently an what have you learnt (I talked about forgetting a particular guideline in busy OPC, how I corrected this mistake, and I learnt to be more thorough in future)

4)      What teaching methods do you use (Emphasise on active methods)

5)      Tell us about your current/previous research and audit

6)      What is clinical risk management

7)      Discuss a recent paper and how it has changed your practice (Need to recite the abstract)

January 2005 South

1)      Discuss a situation that went wrong and what you learnt form it

2)      What qualities should consultant have apart from clinical knowledge

3)      Where do you think advances will be in psychopharmacology in next five years. (I discussed Glutametergic system, pharmacogenetics and nACh. Receptors)

4)      What are you career objectives

5)      Is it possible to achieve evidence based psychiatry in medicine (Yes! Then I discussed problems including lack of good research, funding and problems with NICE guidelines)

6)      Discuss you research and where would you look for best evidence

January 2005 North

1)      How would you resolve conflict in MDT

2)      Do you think that medication should be the only treatment for schizophrenia (No! I mentioned NSF and NICE)

3)      Tell us about the Mental Capacity Bill and Bournwood

4)      Discuss your research

5)      What do you understand by EBM

6)      Discuss clinical governance within the NHS

I’m entitled to a Diploma after all these interviews!

I had five interviews all together, 4 in London and 1 in Oxford, finally got two offers, so dont give up :)

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