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Re: quick advice re staff grade

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Sorry to hear that. I didn't get it either, if it's the same job we're talking about (SLaM, Camberwell?). That was my first interview after four years, and I don't think I did particulary well even though the questions seemed to be fairly straightforward:

The consultant:

'What do you expect to get from this post, and what can you bring to it?'

'What are the issues with working in an inner city community team?'

'What has your role been in the adult community team?'

The manager:

'What recent guidelines are you aware of?'

'What do you think of the proposed new MHA?'

The clinical director:

'How would you prioritize a busy CMHT workload?'

And something very little from my CV.

It only lasted 15 minutes, and I was rushed in the interview room as soon as I arrived (15 minutes early).

Feedback was that my interview was alright and that I was 'appointable', which probably meant that I would have gotten the job had I been the only one applying (and not one of eight shortlisted).

What was your experience?

Better luck next time; we might meet :)

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Recently had an interview in London too. It was for a staff grade addiction psychiatry and it was on the day I received my results (and failed!). Don't know why but I felt like I needed to prove the bloody college wrong. I didn't prepare. Just thought come what may!

The interview lasted 60 minutes and I had 6 questions:

Consultant 1: Can you describe what you do in your current job?

Consultant 1: Why do you want to work in addiction psychiatry and why here?

Consultant 2: He gave me a pmp. Single mother with opiate use presenting with tiredness.

Consultant 1 again: Give a real life scenario where you faced difficulties with a dual diagnosis client.

Social Worker: How do you keep channels open with other members of the team.

Team leader: Are you aware of the factors that prevent people with substance misuse from seeking help in this area?

The interview went really well and it was more like a chat. There were a few jokes and laughs too.

Then 45 minutes after I left I was lost in central London and I got a call from Consultant 1:

He said basically they were very impressd by me and they felt I was too good for the job (I thought what a stupid excuse!) BUT 'we would like to offer you another job which we think will suit your training needs'. Later in the evening I met up with Consultant 2 who is the sweetest man you'll ever meet and he was offering the job with him with sessions of supervision, training, courses, research in a very nice place in London. I couldn't believe my luck! He said that the panel felt that I wasn't staff grade material but consultant material and that's why they were offering me the job. I wonder why the Royal College have failed to see this on 3 occasions! Anyway, I've accepted the job and I can't wait to start!

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It wasn't me you saw, I was interviewed in the early afternoon. I had one other interview in London which I failed (and it did feel like an exam!) and another outside of London which I turned down and decided to locum for a while.

It would be nice to start pooling staff grade interview questions and preparing for them.

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