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Why I chose Psych.........?

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Why did u choose psychiatry?

This is the toughest Q of my life.

There are people who convincingly say that 'I was born with an intention of being a psychiatrist'.

They are asking this question in almost all the application forms.

It has become so standardised that it has almost lost it's significance too. But still.......I need to fill up my application.

Please help me.

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This might not be the answer that you are expecting but the subject is truely vaste and for anyone to blurt out what you should say , is not doing you any favours .

I reccommend that you contact the GMC if you dont yet have a copy of  'Good Psychiatric Practice' . Alternatively it can be downloaded from the GMC website . This will give you clues about why anyone in their right mind would ever want to do psychaitry .

Good luck ,it is a journey !

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Hi Arul,

The reasons why I chose psychiatry are not going to be the same as the reasons why you chose psychiatry!

I would say that you need to think this one through for yourself. If you really cannot say why you want to be a psychiatrist, then you should ask yourself if you are making the right career decision!

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Here are some of the possible answers - just brainstorming

I chose psychiatry because

- i was stupid

- i was a born psychiatrist

- i made wrong choices at the wrong time

- i failed to make right choices at the right time


There could be personal reasons or professional reasons for choosing psychiatry

Personal reasons

- good listening capacity

- capacity to develop empathy howsoever the other person is difficult

- calm and cool nature

- love to talk to people and deal with their problems

Professional reasons

- what do you think I am stupid . Come on see the fact yourself - I have passed MRCPSYCH. If I did not want to become psychiatrist do you think I would be a fool to invest so much money, time, emotional and personal investment at the price of my life, both personal and family to have done psychiatry when I hated it.

(Dont quote above answer - they would surely fail you but to be honest the above answer is true in 99% of cases)

- I chose psychiatry because this speciality has very good career prospects ( say it in the last)

- there are loads of opportunities of research and further academic development

- I had worked in other specialities and was not satisfied

and so on

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well all that was heavy stuff ....but lot of it was true for soem of my friends who have taken pscyh.....

i know people who have said

I loved psychiatry ....i dont know myself ...i just loved it when i joined college.I have alwaysbeen a laid back guy ,love watching cricket , love my beer, n a job like psychiatry which is interesting , not v demanding ( personally i dont find it demending) u meet diff people..i love chatting with people..i lived in a seaside place where i met lotsa diff people on beach daily when i went for a jog.....i find it v easy to talk to people ...when i realised i was good in it..i thot of makingth emost of it/...so herei am applyiing of this post

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as a child i had to see a child psychitrist for somatisation disorder ..i had central abdo pain.i became v attached to my counsellor who was a young pscyahitrist.....i wanted to be a pscyhiatrist just like her ...i dont know whether i admired her or i fell in love with teh pretty lady ......my parents used to laugh when i used to say as a child that i want to be a psychaitrist....now i dont know why i am applying for this posting but probably it had its seed in childhood!! ...can be explained by freudian theory ....!!

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