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jjroche form filling help please!

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Just some pedantic questions regarding filling a form on I'm applying to join a psychiatry SHO rotation, I already have my part 1. Any advice appreciated...

Should I put A Levels on there?? Did them in 1995..

I've done a few locum jobs less than 2 weeks duration.. is it even worth putting them in?

what should i put it for brief description of duties and responsibilities.. should i put everything in for each job??

Any top tips for making the 'supporting information' bit stand out? putting graphics in?


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A levels -no

locums-not specifically but i list them under 'Experience-clinical' and say that I have had the opportunity to do a number of brief locums which has given me the experience of working with a number of different consultants and teams and developing the skills needed to rapidly fit in with a new teams needs and protocols

lists for each job- no, summarise this in an easy to read fashion

Supporting information- graphics -NO! but put things down which relate to the person spec, personal interests and ambitions which relate to the job,

eg I might say that ' I feel that my stengths include being able to develop a rapport with patients and families; even in difficult situation. This is something I have had feedback on'

Generally a professional, full and enthusiastic (not gushing!) cv stands out

HOWEVER- I have not seen your form so please take my responses with a pinch of salt

all the best

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