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Re: SpR interview forensics

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Hi, I am in child psychiatry but I believe there will be underlying themes to all interviews.

1) Do you meet the person spec?

2) are you nice?

3) are you (genuinely) enthusiastic?

4) can you talk about your CV and is your CV fairly interesting?

5) are you reasonably au fait with important documents?

6) do you have a clear idea of your long term goals

7) can you say something about research and audit ideas.- and also reflect on the stregths and weaknesses of these ideas

8) can you take responsibility (and manage risk) whist also being a team player

9) Are you realistic about your strengths and weaknesses?

10)Do you smile when greeting the interviewers, look AT them when they question you?

and 11) and this is out of your control- how do you compare with the other interviewees on that day. Let me assure you that you will be utterly incompetent at guessing how well they will/have done compared to you so don't let it put you off your stride.

Of course you will have made contact with a number of consultants prior to the interview to discuss the SpR rotation

All the best

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