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Advice & Guidance From You All

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As you see I am a new member here and I have 9 months SHO experience in Trust post. I started applying for the rotations and I constantly find two questions hard to answer.

I know people here are way ahead of me and are talking about HSMP, SpR ship etc, but it would really help me if some light is thrown on these two questins while filling my applications. I am sure youanswered it in the past successfully!!

1. Why do you think you should be considered for this post?

(Convince the short-listing panel that you should be offered an interview)

2. Please give a brief statement of your reasons for wishing to train in Psychiatry and include any particular issues/interests that you feel are relevant

Thanks in advance

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a similar question was answered somewhere else on this site, sorry, I don't remember exactly where, but the answers were along the lines of

Reasons for choosing psychiatry:


good listening capacity

capacity to develop empathy

cool & calm nature

love to talk to people & deal wiht their problems

I find psychiatry interesting!


this specialty has good career prospects

loads of opportunities for research & further academic development

I had worked in other specialties & was not satisfied

However there is no wrong or right answer and your reasons should be your own reasons

(I've always found this question a bit tricky myself...)

All the best with your interviews!

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Wow, sounds impressive! I don't know exactly what criteria the selection panel look out for, but I would certainly shortlist you if I were on it! :)

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:) Thank You Justme,

Thats the million Dollar Question!!! Whats on their minds

Thanks again


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What I used to do while filling up my forms was that I used to go through the person specification and draft the why me question accordingly. I would say it would be a good idea to highlight the compulsary criterias and as well as desirable criterias rather than giving a standard drafted answer as u never know someone on the panel may think that u have written too much.

As far as the answer to why psychiatry is concerned, one thing that you should never do is to praise psychiatry and its merit. Focus on the issue that why you as an individual like to do psychiatry and if your answer is solely based on psychiatry being a novel proffession believe me there are many other proffessions that are much more novel than psych. so just keep the focus on why YOU want to do psych.

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