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Racial Discrimination :-?

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i am just pasting what i read in another fourm

but it is a very intresting point:_


Hi, I am not sure if this will be helpul to all concerned

I spoke with the legal department at the COMMISSION FOR RACIAL EQUALIY.

[highlight]According to their policy you are not allowed to be discriminated against a UK or EU graduate PROVIDING THAT you have a visa to work in the UK.


Which ulitimatley comes down to the fact that if you are an HSMP holder or spouse visa holder you should not be discriminated against any one else.

Unfortunatley the CRE cannot take this condition as a whole and rectify it.

They will assisst individuals on an individual basis to process claims if the individual has attended an interview and a post was not offered on this grounds.

I did go to the extent to ask if some one actually did make a claim , wont the employers just say that it was a question of merit and that , this particular candidate dint perform well in the interview. The lawyer answered that in most cases this is what the employer would say when a claim is made. However that alone does not weaken your case because when you request help, the CRE assess your case and if they feel that there is a case ( which they think is in our case), they will investigate by asking the score card at the interview and also the CV of the people attending the interview.

They will go and fight the case on your behalf if any thing if abuse of racial equality was found.

I know this is a distant idea may be for some, but I just wanted to keep people updated and informed of what I had spoken with the CRE.

This does not solve anything at the moment , nor does this help the majority who have a PFT visa. You could visit

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What if you don't end up even being shortlisted as one is not local graduate or EU graduate. We have no proof to argue out that it was on a discriminatory basis

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