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some more bull

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did a bit of research , the last time any country changed its policy in such a race specific fashion was?

yep u r right. wuz idi amin of uganda. only diff. he escorted the east african indians to the ship with guns on the backsides.

tony and friends on the other hand are using the traditional weapon of democracy. of course they were also the ones who wanted to play cricket with south africa when it was a 'cleaner' country.

on the happier side uganda got screwed in the next five years and hasnt been able to recover.

also me confused why its only the ppl east of greenwich meridian who get thrown around like tomatoes and potatoes. i guess its the curry thing that everyone likes. a bit of throwin mixes the colour. and lots of that ,ie colour,were i come from.

dont agree with this crap of 'our candidates'. lot of boo hoo me thinks.

'our candidates' will only get better with some compeition from curry ppl.

but truly all these remarks against eu chaps are in poor spirit.

they have nothing to do , as many brits also dont, with these quixotic descisions of tony bhai and company.

why not we make a dart board of gmc and home office. with lord warner as bullseye. will go a long way to positive and adaptive resolution of angry feelings. 8-)

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plz see this email that i recieved , kudos the resourcefulness of some IMGs

Dear friends,

Here is a golden chance to get your voice heard in the BMA, with regard to the currrent visa issues, though it may be too late by then.It is open to all doctors including non-members and they will reimburse your expenses.

The BMA junior doctors conference is to be held on May 6th.

'The conference is open to all hospital junior doctors, regardless of whether or not you are a member of the BMA. The 'What has the BMA ever done for me?' event is open to all junior doctors who are not elected members of the central BMA Junior Doctors Committee (JDC), regardless of whether you are a BMA member

And best of all they will reimburse your expenses:

Will my expenses be reimbursed?

No doctor should be out of pocket for attending the Junior Doctors Conference.

All reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed on production of receipts.

For those attending both events: overnight expenses will be reimbursed for accommodation on Friday 5 May 2006 (up to a maximum of £110.00 per night).

For those attending the Junior Doctors Conference and dinner: overnight expenses will be reimbursed for Saturday 6 May 2006 (overnight expenses for Friday 5 May 2006 will only be reimbursed in exceptional circumstances with prior authorisation from the JDC secretariat).

For those attending the Junior Doctors Conference only: no overnight expenses will be reimbursed.

How much will it cost for me to attend?

Refundable payments of:

£25.00 for those attending the 'What has the BMA ever done for me?' event on Friday 5 May; and

£45.00 for those attending the Junior Doctors Conference Dinner on Saturday 6 May

You set the agenda

It is up to you which issues will be discussed. If you feel strongly about something and would like the Junior Doctors Committee to do something about it, all you have to do is either submit a motion (see below) and/or attend the 'What has the BMA ever done for me?' event on Friday 5 May.

If your motion is passed, this will become JDC policy and the JDC will act on it. This is a real chance to set the agenda, not only for the conference itself, but for the JDC for the whole of the following year.''


I suggest that all junior doctors here , ALL members of Indi_go , aanybody who supports us , please register for this conference,,...Remember, any motion that we pass will become BMA policy..We can pass a motion condemning the new rules.From my experience usually only around 100 people attend. If we turn up in large numbers, we can change policy, and we can get even with some people who have been ignoring us for a long time.


Click on this link for further details and start registering NOW.....

Those who Register , please let the action group running the http://imgprotest.moonfruit.com/ know by mailing bemyown( AT) gmail(DOT) com



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can we sue the BMA for failing to represent us properly in negotiations with the home office.

i recommend that we phone up askbma for advice on how to do this. :lol:

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can we sue the GMC for getting in more IMG'S for no reason and earning hundreds of thousands of bucks >:(

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