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Transitional arrangements were discussed electronically within the Court

of Electors and provisionally are likely to be:

•[ch61472][ch61472]During the latter part of the FY2 trainees will be selected into the

specialty of psychiatry. The Postgraduate Deans will assemble the

relevant training programmes; arrange recruitment and the RITA


•[ch61472][ch61472]Initial training will be core psychiatric training (CPT) with a minimum

of two years and will be guided by the new curriculum and competency

based training and assessment.

•[ch61472][ch61472]This will be followed by four years of advanced psychiatric training

leading to entry to Specialist Register using part II/Exit assessment

and workplace based assessment as evidence of competence.

Specialist Training 1s t Year (ST1) will have shared competencies with

some of the other Colleges. Discussions have started with the Royal

Colleges of Physicians, Paediatrics and Child Health, General Practit ioners

and Obstetrics and Gynaecologists.

Work Place Based Assessment (WPBA) will be part of the final

assessment. MRCPsych will remain a mandatory competency assessment

for achieving a CCT in psychiatric specialties and is likely to be important

for the process of competitive selection. It is possible that MRCPsych will

be a graded examination. Entry into subspecialty training will have to be

modified according to the places available, experience and grade. The

College is debating the possibility of knowledge based test for

competency assessment during this phase of training. Completion of

advanced training and ‘exit’ assessment will lead to the award of CCT

making the trainee an accredited specialist. This however, does not

guarantee a post as a Consultant level.


A. Foundation Trainees commencing in August 2005

This group of trainees should complete FY2 by the end of July 2007 and

will be in a position to apply for specialty training in the spring of 2007.

The Selection method recommended will include standardised application,

standardised interviews and structured references as noted in the early

part of this document. The trainees will have to demonstrate an aptitude

and interest in the specialty with clear evidence.

B. Pilot F2 trainees in 2004

These trainees will complete foundations in 2006 they should apply for

SHO posts. In 2007 they should seek appointment to MMC specialty

training and it should be possible to appoint them to year 2 of Specialist


C. Current Year 1 and Year 2 SHOs

These trainees should review the foundation curriculum to ensure that

they are able to demonstrate acquisition of foundation competencies.

Trainees who have made progress with MRCPsych will strengthen their

position for selection into core or advanced psychiatric training as these

become available. The completion of basic (core) training and the passing

of MRCPsych will be essential for trainees to apply for higher (advanced)

training during the transitional period.

D. SHOs in Year 3+

Many of these trainees would have passed MRCPsych and if they already

have a NTN they will continue to proceed to completion of their training.

Those who have not yet been allocated a NTN will continue to apply for

NTN and entry into the advanced training at the right level. For the

transitional period these SHOs will be considered eligible to apply for

advanced training posts. The Selection and entry will continue as before.

E. Academic Psychiatry

For those in academic posts with NTN there will be no changes and they

will continue as before. Those who are in year 3 and planning to go into

academic psychiatry the entry procedures will remain the same. Trainees

appointed to training fellowship will receive NTN which could be


F. Overseas experience

Trainees from abroad will be slotted into Specialty Training (ST1) unless

they can demonstrate their competencies at a different level. Six months

of overseas training will continue to be counted towards part II of

MRCPsych after the first year of ST1.

The selection into specialties will most likely be electronic screening

across all specialties and once a year MMC have produced a template

which is being commented on by various Colleges.

Dinesh Bhugra


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isnt it confusing guys.i am not able to understand it very clearly.if you read the case of sho year 1 and 2 it is confusing.can anybody throw some light on it.thanks.

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the entire business is nothing BUT confusion!!!!!!

The Dean of Royal College was here at our hospital yesterday and i asked him personally about the transitional arrangements...and he sounded as vague as possible!!!!...clearly thesituation is chaotic and to my knowledge much will depend on the various training schemes and what their policy would be regarding people already on the rotation!!!.....

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what was his exact answer, if u don't mind me asking?


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The dean always tends to give ambiguous answers. I remember asking him something during the convocation, and did not get a straight answer.

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I found the dean's news letter confusing.

From what I understand, FY2 will finish in July 07 so that is when the core psychiatric training programmes will start. So before July 07 trainees will have to apply for SHO posts. Core psychiatric training will last 2 years so I presume that advanced psychiatric training programmes can only start in July 09 so that before July 09 trainees will apply to SpR posts ie NTNs.

Have I got this right? What do others think?


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I may be wrong but the impression I get is if you're a post MRCPsych SHO then you need to be in the new system in an SPR post by Feb 06 or you've ptentially missed the boat?.Correct me if I 'm wrong.

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It is possible that the Post MRCPsych SHO's would be fitted in a new sytem at an advanced level so they come out early...thereby meaning they will forfeit opportunity for an SpR rotation..

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Hi MRC_Psycho,

Can u please make yourself clear, I really cannot understand what u said in ur last post.

cheers mate

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Acnmac where did you find that you need to be in an SPR post by Feb 06?

I dont think SpR posts have ceased yet.

I think you will be able to get SHO posts till July 07 (after this time it will be 'basic psychiatric training' schemes)

I am guessing you will be able to get SpR posts till July 09 (after then it will be 'advanced psychiatric training' schemes) but I may be wrong; SpR posts may end earlier.

I dont think the new training schemes sound too appealing. &nbsp:lol:oes anyone know how long we have to get onto a SpR rotation before we have missed the boat?


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Hi there,

I had attended a meeting last year by some one higher up in the college and on being asked the preparation about transitional changes we got this reply: ' The changes will be more evolutionalry than revolutionary'.

Of course I was quite impressed by the clarity of the response!

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