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important-london deanery guidance

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can be accessed at london deanery site/ jobs/ hospital  appointments/ medicine- virology

***Important information***

It is essential that all applicants read this page.

Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in this training programme.  The application form is enclosed.

It is essential that you give careful thought to your answers and complete each section accurately. Please note that you may be asked to provide evidence to support the statements you have made in any part of your form.

Please pay particular attention to the following and complete the corresponding sections in the application form as appropriate:

Visa status - International Medical Graduates

On 7 March 2006 the Home Office announced changes to the immigration rules which have an affect on Postgraduate Doctors and Dentists and which we must take into account during our current recruitment activity.

From 7 March we have to recruit doctors and dentists from the UK and the EEA before we recruit migrant doctors and dentists from outside EEA countries However, if there are posts available on any of the London Deanery Training Programmes and no doctor or dentist with permanent residence in this country is able to take up the post, fully trained international medical graduates with the appropriate qualifications may also be considered for appointment. (Please see A Points-based System: Making Migration Work for Britain, pages 1 and 8)

[highlight]If your current status falls under any of the following categories: Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, Permit Free Training, or Refugee and this status is currently valid and remains valid for either a single, fixed term training slot or for a full, type 1 training programme involving several slots, your application will be considered. [/highlight]

The above statements represent our current understanding of the affects of the changes.  For further information regarding the new immigration strategy please contact the Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Enquiry Bureau on telephone: 0870 606 7766 or by e-mail:

Fitness to Practise

Pages 4 - 6 in the application form concern the Exemption from Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.  All doctors are exempt from this act and you are therefore required to complete the section at the back of the application form which relates to your Fitness to Practise status.  

If you have any queries about any of the statements in this section please do not hesitate to contact the Medical Workforce Department at the London Deanery as stated in the Fitness to Practise section.  Any query you may have will be treated confidentially.

Criminal Records Bureau checks (CRB)

CRB checks are carried out by the employing Trust in accordance with the guidelines set out by NHS Employers (

All offers of appointment are subject to CRB checks.  The London Deanery will inform your first employing Trust of your offer of appointment, however on receiving your offer you should make contact with the Medical Staffing Department at your Trust to arrange for a CRB check.

The London Deanery would like to wish you good luck with your application and your future career.

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Some doctors and dentists may have been accepted onto the Highly

Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP). Doctors and dentists who have leave

under HSMP can take up any training or employment posts you offer,

without the need for you or they to ask the Home Office for

permission .

This is an extract from the Home Office instructions to medical staffing. I apologise in advance if my interpretation is wrong, but as far as my knowledge of the English language goes, it means that doctors on HSMP can do any job in the NHS without the doctor or the medical staffing needing any further clarifications from the Home Office.

From what I see the London deanery has a very poor understanding of HSMP. It seems that according to them if the first grant of HSMP expires in about 3 months, then there is no need to apply- inspite of the fact that one can get it extended. One need to tell London Deanery that the Home office has stopped granting PFT's, not HSMP!

Of course, I might be totally mistaken, for the London Deanery may have a better understanding of their own language!

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Our trust have circulated their own interpretation. Although the trusts do not have to consult with Home office for permits for doctors with HSMP they are obliged to consider the 'Homegrown Doctors' (term used in the trust's guidance) as a priority. Other applications only will be considered if home grown doctors are not able to fill the posts.

IMG's applications will be 'invited' but the consideration would be after local graduates / europen doctors.

I think the Medical staffing are not sure of the exact impact they will have due to the new rules. Hence they are inviting applications from all. Do not be mistaken that your applications will be treated at par with homegrown doctors.

Also the transitional arrangements will apply for jobs starting after Aug 06 hence these may the one of the last few jobs with 'equal' opportunity. The same transitional guidelines also state that the new changes will affect jobs advertised after April 2006 - hence again the current advertisement is just before this limit.

Many Medical Staffing departments have not been consulted / informed of these changes. Understandably they are trying to 'interpret' these rules to the best of their abilities. Clearly there may be different interpretations and some confusion initially

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i agree with froids interpretation

we with hsmp will not be treated on par with eu or brit

only advantge is the staffing wont have to process work permit

which they might consider useful

i think the interpretation will differ from trust to trust

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