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Does Royal College stand for equality?

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I think all members and inceptors should write to the college about the current unequal opportunities. I strongly suspect that the Royal College will just ignore it like the rest, or say ' we r closely monitoring the situation' like the BMA, but we should give it a try. Royal College should know how a vast majority of its members and trainees r being treated. I will soon draft a letter and post it here. I will definitely send a letter to the dean. I ask others to do the same.

By the way this is what Royal College has to say about equal opportunities!

The Royal College of Psychiatrists recognises and values the diversity amongst its members, associates and staff. The College is therefore committed to the eradication of unlawful discrimination, and to the principle of creating equality of opportunity in all its activities and functions. It is determined to ensure that this commitment is reflected in practice through its policies, procedures and day-to-day work in carrying out these activities and functions.

The College expects that members, associates and staff, when acting on behalf of the College, will treat all people equally whatever their race, colour, ethnic origin, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexuality, physical disability, mental disability or appearance.

Members, associates and staff expect to be treated fairly and not to be discriminated against either when dealing with each other or with other people who come into contact with the College.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is committed to acting to create equality of opportunity in the recruitment, promotion, pay, development and training of College staff and also in the application of its employment policies and procedures. The Staff Handbook contains this Statement and more specific policies relating to diversity and the College’s role as an employer.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is committed to monitoring its activities and functions to ensure equality of outcomes and to ensure that it complies .with all current equality and diversity legislation

This statement has been approved by Council and therefore the College expects all its members, associates and staff to give active support to this statement.

Endorsed by Council April 2004

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i think it does. i came as a greenhorn post mbbs to this country. have to admit all help i recieved was from english ppl and my first consultant a fantastic non uk european chap.

there is a strong moral core to this country i feel.

our mistake is expecting neutral bodies like royal college to agitate on our behalf.

the onus to lobby for that moral core rests with us ,and no organisation but that of enterprising minds will be able to provoke this core into action on our behalf. so i guess its for us, you and me to rally the ppl who formulated the document that you reproduced above.

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