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Further Chances ST 3 - Scotland

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Hello Everyone

25 Posts are being Held at all levels of Core Psychiatry Training (ST 1 - 3). In one post drjat said that there are 20 of them in ST 2

I was re-offered on Saturday 2nd June a post in my 4th sector choice. I did not have the chance to ask for my ranking number.

Anyone knows his or her ranking number and got an offer or did not get any for ST 3. I am just trying to figure out my ranking number!!! I know it is a bit difficult but it is possible if everyone co-operates.

I prefer working in South East Sector which has 13 posts as compared to West sector which has 22.

[highlight]Anyone Holding ST 3 in South East and is going to Decline??[/highlight]

Good Luck everyone

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