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London INTRA Deanery ST4 General Adult Swap

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Hi, I don't want to sound like a spoilt brat but I am not happy about my London Deanery allocation for ST4 General Adult Psychiatry. I know I am lucky to have been offered a job at all! Nonetheless, for personal reasons I am unable to move from my home in Croydon and I have been allocated to North East London Mental Health Trust (NELMHT). It would be an impossible commute for me and the Deanery don't seem to have taken any notice of my preference sheet (they lost it but accused me of not handing it in).

As the Deanery have not answered my e-mails I thought that I should show some initiative. I don't know whether swaps are even allowed but I thought it best to ask whether anyone might be interested in swapping NELMHT for South London, Sussex or Surrey (maybe even Kent or Central London)? If anyone is interested then we can approach the Deanery. It has to be worth a go! Perhaps someone out there is in my postion but in reverse.

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