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Multi-specialty trainee group meeting with the BMA JDC about MTAS

30 March 2007

At a multi-specialty trainee group meeting together with the BMA JDC at BMA House 23 March 2007, we have released the following statement with regards to MTAS:

Current and future patient care is being undermined by this Government’s insistence on continuing with the MTAS process. We have grave concerns that this will potentially destabilise the future of UK healthcare and as such this poses a direct risk to the health and well-being of our patients.

We believe that the MTAS system is unfair, inequitable and not fit for purpose.

The current offer from the MMC review group (announced on 22nd March 2007) is not acceptable.

MTAS is having a devastating, detrimental effect on the morale of the UK’s medical profession, which seems likely to have long-term adverse effects on recruitment and retention for medical training.

We call for a truly independent review of the MTAS and MMC process to ensure that it is fit for purpose, fair and equitable.

The medical profession is keen to continue to work towards finding a solution that protects our patients, upholds high quality medical training and safeguards the future of healthcare in the UK.

Signed by:

Acute Medicine Trainees

Dr Yvonne Barlow

Association of British Neurologists Trainees

Dr Andrew Kelso

Association of Otolaryngologists in Training

Mr Ram Moorthy

Association of Surgeons in Training

Mr Conor Marron

Trainee representative of the British Association of Dermatologists

Dr Paul Farrant

British Geriatrics Society Trainees Group

Dr Phyo Myint

British Infection Society

Dr Lionel Tan

British Medical Association GP Registrar Subcommittee

Dr Andrew Thomson

British Medical Association Junior Doctors Committee:

Dr Tom Dolphin, Deputy Chairman of the JDC and Chair of the Education and Training Subcommittee

Dr Johan Malawana

Deputy Chair, Education and Training Subcommittee

Dr Daniel Frith

Mr Paul Malone

British Medical Association Scottish Juniors Doctors Committee

Graeme Eunson

British Orthopaedic Trainees Association

Mr Craig White

British Thoracic Society SpR Advisory Group

Dr Joanna Szram

Doyle Club of the Association for Palliative Medicine

Dr Iain Lawrie

Plastic Surgery Trainees Association

Mr Vivek Sivarajan

Trainees in Gastroenterology

Dr Sheldon Cooper

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No one from Psychiatry here!

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psychiatrists always watch what others do and do nothing themselves.

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