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I am one of the many unfortunate(not smart enough??) people, who have not been shortlisted.

Quite a lot of issues to quote here like exam revision, job stress, personal and obivously the anxiety about immigration etc.,

However, clever people who can get the marking sheet beforehand are just nothing............or it could just be my dismissive minimisation.

We are here now sharing a similar fate enforced on us.

I always found the discussion about the whole immigration issue as a complete joke in this forum. What we missed totally is the common enemy which silently emerged and engulfed our careers with a justification of modernisation. I hate the MTAS and i am sure most of us here will agree. But why is that nobody have had the courage to voice against it, to point out its problems? We spent a lot of time throwing mud on our own personalities instead without empathy.

Now it is time for us reflect about the past and think about our future.

What are the possible options?.....Round 2, Career grade, Emmigration, unemployment, career change, fight against the whole system??????

What might be the outcome?

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