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Paper-2 syllabi

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Paper 2

•General principles of psychopharmacology (pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics)

•Psychotropic drugs

•Adverse reactions

•Evaluation of treatments

•Neuropsychiatry (physiology, endocrinology, chemistry, anatomy, pathology)


•Statistics and research (basic)


•Advanced Psychological Processes and Treatments

Reference: Royal College Website.

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guys, i know i sound stupid 2 days before exam... i was trying to open b'ham mock exams but i coudnt and i realised a not

We had initially decided to provide a FREE mock exam (along with free access to the online courses) for candidates attending the Paper I & II weekend Courses only. We had prepared two mock exams for the same, but due to the frequent changing of goal-posts regarding the syllabus, we didn't want to put up a mock exam which is not representative of the exam. This information has been provided to candidates who had attended the papers I & II Course. Mock exams will be available from Diet II exams. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.i have gone through royal college website surprisingly they have given distribution of marks for paper2

100 marks for-genetics+statistics+epideamology out of 200----wow haha i dont know what to say.......any ideas please :-?

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we were are promised about the mock test but now they send apologies, it is totally unfair.These courses just earn money ,they don't care about the candidates.

I came to know last night that college has put part-2 detailed syllabus ,100 marks for genetics+statistics+epideamology ,two days before exame which we did not expect this huge proportion from above topics.

we should think about this ????

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Was that not what I put up yesterday on another thread. ::)

Hi euthymic,

there is detailed breakdown as

Breakdown of Paper II

Neurosciences 35 questions







Developmental neuroscience

Psychopharmacology 33 questions



Adverse reactions

Theories of action

Drug dependence

New drugs


Genetics 33 questions

Cellular genetics

Molecular genetics

Behavioural genetics


Genetic epidemiology

Gene-environment interaction

Epidemiology 33 questions

Surveys across the lifespan


Statistics & research methods 31 questions

Study design (basic)

Study interpretation (basic)


Advanced psychological processes and treatments 35 questions


Personality and personality disorder

Developmental psychopathology (incl. temperament)

Therapy models, methods, processes and outcomes

(BT, CBT, Family/couples, Interpersonal, Psychoanalytic, Psychoeducation)

Treatment adherence

Psychosocial influences

This breakdown is intended as a general guide to the content of Paper II and is subject to change.

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Any bright ideas as to what material to read for Genetics+Statistics+Epidemioplogy?

We only have about 20 hours remaining!

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too short time,just revise whatever you have done.

good luck

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Hi everyone,

i am new to this forum, i totally agree to all your frustations as i was one of the candidates taking the exams . I guess we need to inform the relevant tutors in order for them to look into the matter. we should make a formal written complaints highlightening specific points or otherwise they all will accept that it was the new format of the exam instead the level of difficulty in the exam that did them! also RCPsych came out with breakup of the paper-2 only 10-15 days before the exams and Dr Bhugra is on record saying that the exams is going to come out of the old pool.besides if you carefully follow the syllables of both paper 1 & 2 on the website it doesnt tally with the exams question, the only difference between paper 1 & 2 was paper 1 looked familiar!!! in some was but paper 2 was totally alien language. hope we all could do some to make them understand that exams should be standardized and encouraging .

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Of course, Tariq, you've hit the nail on the head, mate.

I am planning to write to my college tutor and PG course organiser.

We'll see what can be done.

'It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness'.

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